Ferring CC: 24 Seasons of Top Statistics 1989-2015
Overall Highlights

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Highest Inns Total For 306-4          vs Presidents XI Mon Home 30-Aug-1993
  291-4          vs Arundel Sun Away 26-May-2013
  274-3          vs Trafalgar Sun Home 21-Sep-1997
Highest Inns Total Against 332-4          Horley Sat Away 19-Sep-2015
  309-5          Henfield 1st Sat Away 14-Sep-2013
  307-4          Slindon Sun Home 03-Aug-2014
Lowest Inns Total For 13 a/o          vs Bobs Sat Away 18-May-1991
  25-8 (a/o)          vs Lavant Sat Away 19-May-2007
  30-9 (a/o)          vs Rottingdean Sun Away 21-Jun-1998
Lowest Inns Total Against 9 a/o          Partridge Green Sun Away 16-May-1993
  20 a/o          Jamaca Inn Pirates Sun Home 07-May-2006
  35 a/o          Adelaide Sat Home 03-May-1997
Highest Match Aggregate 547-4          vs Trafalgar Sun Home 21-Sep-1997
  544-10          vs Presidents XI Mon Home 30-Aug-1993
  537-14          vs Arundel Sun Away 26-May-2013
Most Matches 436      P Bromley        
  351      I Wardley        
  349      P Cooke        
Most Inns 409      P Bromley        
  322      P Cooke        
  309      I Wardley        
Most Not Outs 115      I Wardley        
  78      P Cooke        
  63      C Paterson        
Most Runs 11381      P Cooke        
  10408      D Bailey        
  8602      S Bluck        
Highest Score 174*     P Cooke vs Trafalgar Sun Home 21-Sep-1997
  164*     R Miller vs Trafalgar Sun Away 08-Jul-2001
  155*     D Bailey vs St Peters 3rds Sat Home 14-Aug-1999
Most 100s 19      D Bailey        
  18      P Cooke        
  13      R Miller        
Most 50s 75      S Bluck        
  72      P Cooke        
  61      D Bailey        
Most 6s 284      P Cooke        
  255      D Bailey        
  135      C Paterson        
Most 4s 1344      D Bailey        
  1307      P Cooke        
  1073      R Miller        
Most Overs 2357.3   C Paterson        
  2207.5   I Wardley        
  1940.3   M Lewis        
Most Maidens 529      C Paterson        
  389      I Wardley        
  347      M Lewis        
Most Wickets 412      C Paterson        
  387      I Wardley        
  321      M Lewis        
Best Mch Bowling 8-41      S Paskin vs Lindfield 2nds Sat Home 21-Sep-1991
  7-25      P Sparks vs Keymer & Hassocks Sun Away 21-Jul-2002
  7-39      J Goodwin vs Steyning Rebels Sat Home 30-Jun-2012
Most 5-Wkt Inns 11      C Paterson        
  8      A Mohsin        
      S Paskin        
  7      G Simms        
Most Catches 122      P Cooke        
  110      I Wardley        
  104      C Paterson        
Most Wk Catches 141      I Salter        
  114      C Harris        
  71      I Edwards        
Most Stumpings 43      I Salter        
  20      I Edwards        
  11      P Bromley        
      C Harris        

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