Ferring Cricket Club

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Annual General Meeting , Held on Sunday 4 February 2018 at 9.45 am at The Henty Arms.



Attendees: R. Miller, T. Cutler, P. Bromley, I. Edwards, C. Burgess, D. Bailey, C. King, A. King, T. King, I. Wardley, I. Salter, M. Lewis, L. Dowdell, C. Baldock, C. Bradley, A. Goodwin, A. Williams, R. Sage, C. Tams, C. Adkin.

Apologies: A. Francis, B. Isham, C. Oliver-Redgate, D. Sherlock, M. House

Election of Chair

R. Miller declared his intention to continue as Club Chair. I. Edwards, the Honorary Secretary, had received no other nominations for the post. R. Miller was therefore proposed by D. Bailey, seconded by P. Bromley and the motion was supported by Members. R. Miller was asked to chair the meeting.

Item 1 Minutes of 2017 AGM

The minutes of the AGM held on 29 January 2017 were accepted as a true record and signed off by the Chair.

Item 2 Matters Arising from 2017 AGM


Item 3 Chair's Report

Item 4 Treasurer's Report

Item 5 Captains' Reports

Item 6 Election of Officers



Club President

A. Francis is willing to continue.


R. Miller is willing to continue.

Hon. Treasurer*

T. Cutler is willing to continue.

Hon. Secretary*

I. Edwards is willing to continue.

Hon. Match/Fixture Secretary*

P. Bromley is willing to continue.

Hon. Team Secretary*

Captains to manage/delegate as last years' arrangement.

Saturday Captain*

T. Cutler standing down. Nomination: C. King Proposed by: A. King Seconded by: C. Baldock

Saturday Vice-Captain*

C. King standing down. Nomination: D. Bailey Proposed by: C. King Seconded by: C. Baldock

Sunday Captain*

C. Burgess standing down. Nomination: P. Bromley Proposed by: C. Burgess Seconded by: C. Bradley

Sunday Vice-Captain*

Vacant in 2017: Nomination: A. Goodwin Proposed by: D. Bailey Seconded by: I. Wardley

Colts; Manager

A. King is willing to continue.


P. Bromley is willing to continue.

Press Officer

I. Salter standing down. C. Tams volunteered.

Club Welfare Officer

L. Dowdell is willing to continue on behalf of Colts section. C. Baldock is willing to continue on behalf of Adults teams.

General Committee Members

C. Burgess invited and accepted.

* ex officio Committee Members

Item 7 Subgroup Reports

7a. Cricket Subgroup:

7b. Ground and Pavilion Subgroup

7c. Colts Subgroup:

7d. Press, Publicity, Events and VP's Subgroup:

7e. Finance, Fundraising and Sponsorship Subgroup:

Item 8 Any Other Business

The meeting closed at 11.49.