Ferring Cricket Club: How to become a Vice-President

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If you are a follower of cricket or just like to know that the traditional friendly game is being played in the village, there is a way you can show your support to Ferring Cricket Club.

We have over 30 Vice Presidents, an honorary role open to all, whether connected to the club or new to the village. For a minimum subscription of £10 per annum, your name appears on the back of the annual fixture card, which is posted at the start of the season with a club newsletter.

In addition to our adult cricket teams, we run a very active colts section. There is a strong social aspect to the Club as we are keen to support and integrate with the local community.

If you would like to support our Club by becoming a Vice President, Simply contact our secretary via our e-mail.


Whilst the yearly subscription is £10 per person, we are indebted to many of our Vice Presidents who generously make a further donation. Our VPs play an important part in the finances of club.

All are very welcome to attend any of our matches at the Little Twitten Recreation Ground, Sea Lane, Ferring.

Have a look at our Fixture list for home games and come along any time for a cup of tea and a chat.

Revision 1.0 March 2018