Who we are - a short photo history

Updated Feb 2020

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There is a record and match report in the International cricket archive of a Ferring match in 1953 vs the Handlebar Cricket Club. These featured "Professor" Jimmy Edwards who at the time was a well known comic, actor and sometime musician. Please go to the following web site handlebarclub.org.uk

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Two photographs supplied in 2010 from our President, Alan Francis) of matches in the 1970's:

Ferring cc at The Little Twitten Rec 1973 after the team has been presented with their new Caps.

Back row (l-r): S.Bluck A.King, A.Fulton, A.Francis, A.S.Miller, Jack Rayfield, P.Hayes, D.Reid

Front row(l-r): R.Tilbury, R.Gethin, A.Mustard, A.M.Miller, M.Derrick, D.Woodford.

Ferring CC at Climping Knock-out Final vs Bury at Arundel CC 1977.

Back row (l-r): R.Rae, A.Alcott, A.Mustard, P.Knight, A.Francis, R.Gethin.

Front row(l-r): A.Beech, J.Scarfield, P.Embers, Jon Rayfield, S.Bluck, P.Cole


The two Pictures below are from Village Cricket in Ferring before the move in the 1950's to the Little Twitten Rec.

More recently were have come into possession of a photo album from the 1960's, which lists attendees and pictures from the same match.

These can be viewed HERE in PDF format.

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It is believed that Cricket has been played in Ferring for over 120 years and there are certainly indications that cricket was played between the two world wars at another ground in Ferring. The photograph above on the left shows the old railway carriage in its original form. This was moved to the south west corner of the Little Twittens when the club transferred there in the 1950's.

Eventually a pitched roof was placed on top of the railway carriage to help with weatherproofing. The changing room remained effectively unaltered until the 1990's, this was one of the "charms" of playing cricket at the Little Twittens along with the chemical toilet and cold running water...

We maintain our own cricket square which has Eight match and two practice pitches. The outfield is kept short during the playing season by Arun District Council and is funded out of our ground rent to the council.

We have vastly improved our facilities from the original tin-roofed tea hut,various sheds and railway carriage changing room (subsequently donated to the Bluebell Railway Trust) that some of our long established fixtures will remember.

Due to the hard work of the committee in fund raising over many years within the club (and generosity of players/vice-presidents) we were able, in 1994, to erect our own Pavilion. In the summer of 1999 additional fundraising allowed us to installed showers to the relief of not only our opposition teams but also some of our more senior players who never believed that this would ever happen during their playing years.

More information about the club history will be placed here as it becomes available. We also are looking to publish  more photographs of Cricket played in Ferring over the years.

Some pictures below of the old buildings in use at the little twitten rec until the early 1990's