2019 Season Fixtures and Results

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New fixtures are indicated RED, Changed fixtures during the Season are indicated Dark Blue

Matches with * have special rates for tea agreed , Start Time is 2:30pm unless indicated otherwise.

End of Season

Team Home/Away
  Team Home/Away
April       July  
Sat 13 Broadwater II Away 1:30 pm Draw - very cold weather   Sat 6 TBA    
Sun 14 Stansted Park Away 1pm Won by 20 runs - very cold and windy weather.   Sun 7 Walberton Away 1:30pm Cancelled - lack of Ferring players
Sat 20 Easter No fixture     Sat 13 Ferring Big Bash Home Midday -
Sun 22 Easter No fixture   Sun 14 East Preston Away 2pm Draw , players watched the end of the CWC final.
Sat 27 Southwick II Away 1pm Lost very badly Sat 20 Magdalen* (tour) Home 2pm Draw
Sun 28 Littlehampton III Home 1:30pm Draw, was Hove Unicorns who have folded. Sun 21 BMA Home 2:30pm

Lost with a few overs to go, last match for Dave Bailey before he finally moved away. Was Rottingdean Away who cancelled, lack of players.

      Sat 27 TBA    
      Sun 28 Presidents XI vs Chairman's XI Home 1pm Chairmans XII won by 115 runs
May         Aug      
Sat 4
Ebernoe Away 2:30pm Draw Sat 3 Burgess Hill 4th XI Home 2:00pm Won
Sun 5 Halstead* (tour) Home 2pm Draw Sun 4 Forest Green Home 2:00pm Won, A Williams 5-31, Was Southwater who cancelled
Sat 11 Alternatives Home 2:30pm Draw Sat 10 The Royal Household CC* (tour) Home 1:30pm Lost
Sun 12 Littlehampton III Home 2:30pm Draw, was Bury who Cancelled Sun 11 Westbourne Away 2pm Cancelled - Ferring unable to raise a side
Sat 18 Barnes Green III Home 1pm Draw, was Norwood Exiles who cancelled Sat 17 Reigate Priory Vikings Home 2:30pm Draw
Sun 19 Cancelled   Was Brighton & Hove Crescent who cancelled. Ferring no team. Sun 18 Nuthurst Away 2pm Lost in last but one over on a sticky dog pitch, John Pickett 8-35 - a club record

Sat 25

Chichester IIII Home 1:30pm Lost, was Branstead & Sundridge who cancelled Sat 24 Lavant Home 2pm Won by 6 wkts
Sun 26 Worthing Gents Home Won by 7 wkts Sun 25 Worthing Away 1pm Lost
      Sat 31 Lynchmere Home 1:30pm Lost
Sat 1 Steyning Rebels Home Cancelled - Ferring unable to raise a side Sept      
Sun 2 Walberton Home 1:30pm Lost with a few overs to go. Sun 1 Tillington Away 1:30pm Lost
Sat 8 Reigate Priory Away 1pm Cancelled- Opposition unable to raise a side. Sat 7 Kings Road* (tour) Home 1pm Lost
Sun 9 Worthing Pathfinder Home Lost Sun 8 Brighton & Hove Crescent Home 1:30pm Lost. was Kings Road unable to raise a side.
Sat 15 Arundel Grasshoppers Home 2:30pm Ran affected Draw, J Bond maiden 90 for the Seniors. Sat 14 Worthing Home 12:30pm Won by 6 wkts. I Wardley Hat--trick
Sun 16 Watersfield Away 1:30pm Cancelled - overnight rain and flooded pitch. Sun 15 Watersfield Home 1pm They cancelled at the last moment, A single wkt comp took place instead which A Goodwin won with 70 runs.
Sat 22 No Fixture (Tour - Sat 21 Lynchmere Away 1:pm Draw
Sun 23 No Fixture weekend) - Sun 22 Lavant Away 1pm Cancelled - rain
Sat 29 Steyning Rebels Away 2:30pm Lost        
Sun 30 Barnes Green Home 2pm High scoring Draw, D Bailey 100        


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