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2019 Season Statistics

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2001 Bowling Averages

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 2019 Season Annual Awards Presentation evening and Buffet

This took place on Friday 29th Nov at the Henty Arms and was very well attended by more than 50 senior & colts players, their parents and other guests, organised by Craig Burgess.

Our Chairman Rob Miller reviewed the seasons highlights and challenges . Reviews were given by the Saturday and Sunday Captains.

Rob made a special mention of the developing junior section and also the need to get new blood involved in the club, particularly players.

Trophy Winners 2019
as announced at the Awards evening, last years winners ()

Batting Cup  Chris Paterson (Alex King)

Bowling       Alex Williams,  (Chris Paterson)

All Rounder  Iain Wardley, (Chris Paterson)

Ferring Cup Chris Adkin, (Jake Awde)

Bill Austin Memorial Fielding Cup Alex King, (Malcolm House)

Peter Bromley Clubman Award     Peter Bromley, (Alex King)

Fundraising web site (launched April 2003)

We have a web shop through which we receive a percentage of all confirmed purchase. This webshop is hosted by and our web shop address is :

Please bookmark the site and tell all your friends what is on offer there - large retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Comet, Amazon, Oddbins, CDWOW, RAC, Sports shops and many others are on offer. The prices are the same as you would get by going directly to the retailers sites and sometimes cheaper.

The more widely the site is used, the more this supplements our other fundraising activates.

Please let us know what you think of the webshop , new offers are continuously added to the site and we value your feedback.

Changes to ECB Laws for Cricket

There are significant changes to the Laws of Cricket when the 2000 laws were revised. All players should be aware of these.

The club's policy will be to continue to play in the spirit of the game.

Opposition teams will be made aware of this before each game and the general consensus across clubs in the county is not to impose the 5 penalty run laws at our level of play.


Presidents Day 2004

Ferring CC hosted a match for the first time against the Royal Opera House on Sunday 25th July 2004.

Unfortunately, due to an accident on the A24, where several of the opposition players were heading from, the match started 90 minutes late, with lunch being taken before a ball had been bowled.

The Royal Opera House won the toss, and put Ferring into bat. We opened with Clive Bryant and Ben Miller who went on to make his maiden 50, being sixth man out with his score on 53. Ferring finished on Ferring ended on 205-8.

Ferring CC's Chris Paterson bowled well and extremely fast. Early in his spell he took two wickets in consecutive balls, just failing to take the hat trick. Tim Miller also took two wickets, as did Man of the match Ben Miller. The visitors ended up 174-8, with Chairman Bill Isham, taking a wicket with the final ball of the match.

So an honorable draw, which both teams enjoyed the match and the Opera House Team have expressed an interest in coming back next year and will be warmly welcomed.

Royal Opera House XI

Ferring Sunday XI

(Our new President - Alan Francis is the umpire)


(Click pictures to enlarge)



As usual , there is a large amount of work to be done throughout the year,

Thanks in 2009 to Greg Howarth for volunteering to help with some of the groundwork again this year. Also Bill Isham and Greg held the fort for a couple of weeks when Peter was away. Please contact Peter for any details of what is planned throughout the year, work continues between February to November each year !



News Archive:


2018 Committee

The committee lineup for the 2018 Season is here

Committee meetings are held approximately quarterly, if you have any questions or items to raise in committee concerning the Club, please let a member of the committee know.


These were held at Arundel Castle Academy between February and April. Pictures from the 2007 nets:

JUMBLE SALE - March 2007

This was held on Saturday 10th March 2007 at Ferring Village Hall. We were reliant upon support before and on the day by club members and the local community - so thanks to everyone for a very successful event.

We had much more publicity (the advertisement in the local paper was donated this year) and better leaflet distribution. We also had far more good quality jumble than last year and made a good profit.


All this seasons fixtures are listed on the fixtures page along with results posted during the season.

 2013 Season Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation

This took place on Friday 29th Nov at the Henty Arms and was well attended by more than 30 players and guests.

Our Chairman Rob Miller reviewed the season, mentioning the highlights including the outstanding batting performances throughout the season by Ian Ritchie. Team performance reviews were given by the Saturday and Sunday Captains.

Rob made special mention of Liza Dowdell's efforts in supporting and developing the new junior section and that she would receive the new Clubman award.

He announced that the Mackrill Clubman award was to be retired. A new Clubman award has been created and named after Peter Bromley who will present it each year.

Unfortunately Liza was unable to attend the dinner so the plan is for Peter to award this to her at the AGM in January 2014.


 2010 A G M

This took place on Sunday 10am, 17th Jan 2010 at the Henty Arms. Summary :

The attendance was well up on last year with 24 members and VP's

1. Minutes of 2009 AGM were reviewed and agreed to be accurate.


Thank you to all present - the largest attendance in many years.
The cricket has been good this season and we have seen improvement to the pavilion, and the ground has continued to be in good condition. Thanks go to those who work both off and on the pitch - we would like the burden to be shared by more volunteers - there is always room for more assistance.
For discussion today are the plans for an extension to the pavilion and the rewording of the Constitution, - the recommendations for changes to go for approval to an EGM. Dave Stapley continues to research the History of the Club. The present members are responsible for keeping the Club healthy for future players.


Income is down on last year

R. Miller reminded the meeting that the Treasurer needs a certainty of income, and that fund raising is a bonus.
A.Lawrenson suggested that a Social Secretary and Social Committee should be formed solely for fund raising. R.Sage would be prepared to act on a subcommittee, as would A. Lawrenson.
P.Bromley proposed an increase to match fees of £1
Vote - Proposal carried. Junior Fees - increased to £2 . Proposal carried.
P.Bromley said he has secured one more sponsor for the fixture card.


SATURDAY - M. LEWIS. - Another successful season - with a good core of players thanks to D.Bailey and G. Howarth. A good team spirit - many of the games were won in the last overs and " victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat."

SUNDAY - M. SEALBY. - a successful season with only 1 lost game. Team spirit is good and we present ourselves in the right way, as evidenced by the teams who tell us how much they enjoy playing Ferring.
Thanks go to Peter Bromley for his excellent preparation of the pitch, and to D.Stapley for putting out the teams every week.


PRESIDENT A.Francis - willing to continue in office.

CHAIRMAN R.Miller - willing to continue in office - no other proposals

SECRETARY C.Daulby standing down.
Ann. Lawrenson proposed by Andy Lawrenson,
seconded by T.Cutler.

TREASURER T.Cutler proposed by C.Daulby, seconded by P.Bromley.

SAT. CAPTAIN M.Lewis proposed by G.Howarth, seconded by W.Isham

VICE CAPTAIN D.Bailey standing down
G.Savage proposed by G.Howarth, seconded by R.Sage
A.Lawrenson proposed by I.Edwards, seconded by M. Lewis. A.Lawrenson. G.Savage stood down

SUN.CAPTAIN M.Sealby proposed by C.Daulby seconded by P.Cooke.
VICE CAPTAIN D.Stapley proposed by G.Dean, seconded by M.Lewis
C.Paterson proposed by P.Cooke seconded by C. Daulby. D.Stapley stood down.

MATCH SEC. P.Bromley proposed by T.Cutler seconded by A.Mohsin.

SAT. TEAM SEC. G.Savage - proposed by G.Howarth, seconded by W.Isham

SUN. TEAM SEC. D.Stapley - proposed by I Salter, seconded by W.Isham

PRESS OFFICER D.Stapley - proposed by P.Bromley, seconded by R.Sage.

CLUB WELFARE OFFICER - M.Lewis stands down due to work commitments.
A.Lawrenson - proposed by C.Daulby, seconded by P.Cooke.
GENERAL COMMITTEE. - I.Salter, I.Edwards, W.Isham, C.Bryant, C.Daulby.
Proposed by A.Lawrenson, seconded by P.Bromley.

P.Bromley circulated the Stats and 2010 fixture list. There are 38 fixtures confirmed and 4 Saturday ones to rearrange.

Work Parties are 21st and 28th March and 11th April.

Nets are booked for 24th Feb to 14th April inclusive.

The Pavilion. -
R.Miller reported that we have plans for the extension. Feasibility needs to be discussed. The driving force is the need to increase the size of the changing rooms and to add a Ladies toilet, the fundamental principle being to improve the facilities for the future of the Club.
Thanks go to I.Salter who distributed the plans with three possible options

I.Edwards - There are 3 options available, the costings allow for buying in Labour. T.Cutler made the point that as Treasurer he has a responsibility to not allow the Club to have financial difficulties.

R.Miller - A vote of thanks go to I. Edwards and I Salter for their work on this project.
The following committee was proposed by T.Cutler and seconded by C.Daulby to look into the feasibility of the project. R.Miller, I. Edwards, I Salter, R.Sage, A.Lawrenson.

A subcommittee is to be formed.
The Jumble Sale is the next big fund raising event -
8) A.O.B.
a) The Club Constitution - I.Edwards circulated the draft copy of the new Constitution. A recommendation to adopt the changes at an E.G.M. was proposed and passed.
b) It was agreed to participate in the Ferring Summer Fair to improve links with the Parish Council.
c) The proposal to have a M.V.P. Competition was rejected as too difficult to organise.
d) The 20/20 Competition was similarly rejected.
e) A. Lawrenson proposed that F.C.C. needs to consider ways of attracting young players to the Club.
f) P.Bromley has been invited to be a representative for non-league Clubs at Sussex County Cricket Club

Meeting Closed 11.55 am